Wearable technology has been deemed to be the next biggest thing after the smartphone. 2 years since its launch it has seen its share of mixed emotions. From some wholeheartedly accepting it for the value that it brings in healthifying your life to allowing the user to be more handsfree on the go. While on the other hand the more popular opinion lately has been of discontentment in terms of its limited capabilities and useful functionalities which could lead to its premature death. This technology begs for deeper and unique functionalities for it to be widely accepted and become as indispensable as its counterpart- the smartphone.

Apple has been at the forefront in pushing technology and making it aspirational. When this big player introduces a smartwatch of its own it is imperative that the world would adopt it faster than any other competitor. It recently announced an update to the watch in terms of improved features and opening up capabilities for third party developers. This gives us immense excitement; with the recent looming cloud of negativity surrounding these devices as a whole, the apple watch update and advancement suggest that this technology has a huge potential that is yet to be tapped into.

It is pleasing to see the players adapting features to the specific technology. Up to now we have seen the smartwatch do functions that a phone does exactly, without it being adapted and suited to a new form and medium. Introducing smart ways of texting and replying that are adapted to a 1 inch screen shows a shift in thinking and an appreciation of both its limitations and advantages of a handsfree device. The areas of health are also being given deeper thought. Competition is inherent to any sporting / physical activity. To tie this into the health application and allowing a person to keep track of his peers, directly through the watch, immediately keeps the user engaged with his fitness as well as his gadget. Like the smartphone, the smartwatch has the capability of becoming your second buddy with intuitive and emotionally connecting applications. The breathe application and responsive texting & message receiving is sure to keep the eye fixed to this miniature screen.

But most importantly, a feature that is made for such technology and which this device proves advantageous to is safety. In times of crisis, most people do not have access to their phone. In split second scenarios, it is tough to reach out to a phone, unlock the screen and dial a number. These 3-4 step procedures are time consuming and often impractical. A plethora of phone applications and devices tailored specifically towards safety and rescue are inconvenient and impractical. Applications typically involve too many steps to reach somebody and targeted devices are often forgotten due to their single use nature. In world of premium wrist space, owning another band to specifically call out for some sort of help and alert is unuseful. In such a scenario, your own smartwatch can offer the same solution as the app & safety wearable in quicker and much lesser steps. Unlike the phone the smartwatch is easily accessible as this device is worn. In time of need, a simple gesture can easily alert the authorities, making the 3-4 step process involving the phone seem like stone-age.

As a team, we at SlamdunQ are very excited to lay our hands on the apple watch 2 and hope to hear the announcement of its availability of it soon. And we hope to have our apps on these killer devices soon.

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